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Client love


Christine continued to provide inspirational support, motivation and positive uplifting when I needed it most. She worked with me to find what would work with my body to get results and have lost 25 lbs. I loved the variety of food choices that she provided on my personalized meal plan. The open avocado breakfast sandwich is still one of my faves.

The workouts are challenging and fun. I love the strength I have gained. I'm lifting more weight than I did previously. My endurance has increased. I went from not being able to run more than 5.0 mph with no incline for a a couple of minutes to interval sprints of 9.3 mph at a 15 incline.

I strongly encourage anyone to invest in themselves and sign up with Christine Lewis as their trainer.


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I told Christine my daily struggles of binge eating, emotional ups and downs along with being a single mother of a 2-year old who just wanted to loose the weight gained from stress and over-eating. Christine had such heart, compassion and understanding and believed in me, which in return, pushed me harder to believe in my own self. Christine talked me through a lot of the misunderstanding I had around food to see it in a healthy way and that it's ok to be flexible with my eating habits. Christine helped me accomplish a goal of losing the extra 10lbs and I also gained muscle.

This was not just a 12 week program for me, it showed me how to become a better version of myself and it has now become a lifestyle for me with flexible eating that works for me!



Christine saved me. I have been struggling with an eating disorder for 10+ years and to find a coach who understands your struggles, pushes you, fights the pains with you and is there no matter what means the world to me. These 16 weeks of training have been brutal and I love it. I'm sore but feel as though I can conquer the world. It's not the fact that I'm pushing myself in the gym and have all the tools at my disposal its the fact that I have someone whose genuine, funny, caring, strong, goal oriented, work driven ect and she pushes me not only to obtain my goals but to be a better and strong woman. I can't thank her enough for all she does for me and I wouldn't want anyone else to train me and be by my side through the tough times.



I’ve invested into many programs and trainers for years. I wasn’t seeing results at all and I almost gave up on wanting to lose weight until I came across Christine. Looking into the transformations and reading the clients testimonials I knew I had to invest in her program. I was so happy I did because I never would have lost the weight without her. I recommend everyone to her page if they want to lose weight. She is honestly the best!



I felt like your program would be the only one I could hold myself accountable to finish and I did! I knew my goals wasn’t some quick fix and it would have to be something that I could do long term and that’s what really matters. Because of your program, I chose to make healthier decisions and enjoy working out and it no longer feels like a chore! I go on vacation in 6 weeks and am gonna do the program all over again because I’m so happy with my results!


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I'm so so happy and grateful for having been part of your program. It definitely changed my body and life. Your program helped me to finally set a workout routine and understand how to balance my meals and macros. Finally, I was able to get constant on my HIIT sessions. I lost 4.6kg (10lbs) and dropped my body fat from 31.5% to 26.8%! I’m so SO excited to keep trying it and to reach my new goals. Thank you.



I honestly had to say that throughout this whole journey I didn’t notice a difference. All my friends and family kept saying “whatever you’re doing you’re doing great you lost some weight.” However in my mind, I was so hard on myself and felt like I didn’t changed. By the end of week four is when I realize I can lift heavier and endure cardio a little longer. And by the end of week six I had my husband take more pictures of me. At first I was frustrated and thought I didn’t see a difference in the picture, however, when I compare the pictures side-by-side....I started crying. Finally noticed a difference!!!! And it made all hard work and dedication all worth it. I just wanna say thank you Christine for keeping me motivated every time I seem to lose track but the Facebook group helped so much. It was definitely a journey but it was a great journey to go through.



Getting the courage to restart your programs has not only helped my mental health but my physical health. I am slowly starting to love my body again and it's all thanks to you and working every muscle in my body and getting that hunger to be a better me in my soul! Not only for my daughter but for myself! Thank you for literally being a lifesaver to a new mom!


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Christine has motivated me, inspired me, and reassured me it could be done. I followed her instructions and I am so happy with the results and I have overcome my food addictions! She is a great coach and I am blessed to have joined her team! Thanks Christine


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