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Hey girl, I see you

Feeling insecure because of how you look

you have tried so many diets and detoxes, you have lost count and yet, none of them really worked.
You feel uncomfortable in your own body
and you know it's keeping you from living your best life

you just want to feel empowered in your own skin

you know that at the core, this isn't about just diet and exercise. You have a complicated relationship with food
and an even more complex relationship with your body

and you are tired of feeling hopeless

I mean, does this sound familiar?

Do you get really close to your fitness goals and then lose motivation and go back up again?You feel uncomfortable in your own body

Do you feel like you are missing out on opportunities because you don’t have the confidence to step up?

Do you try to be healthy in your day to day, but then end up bingeing and then feel extremely guilty?
You feel uncomfortable in your own body

Do you feel like you don’t even want to start a new diet, because you know nothing will work for you?
You feel uncomfortable in your own body

Are you stuck not knowing where to begin in order to reclaim your body and health?

You feel uncomfortable in your own body

Do you feel that no matter what your accomplishments in life are, nothing is ever enough because you don’t feel beautiful?You feel uncomfortable in your own body

But what if we changed your story

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I'm so so happy and grateful for having been part of your program. It definitely changed my body and life. Your program helped me to finally set a workout routine and understand how to balance my meals and macros. Finally, I was able to get constant on my HIIT sessions. I lost 4.6kg (10lbs) and dropped my body fat from 31.5% to 26.8%! I’m so SO excited to keep trying it and to reach my new goals. Thank you!




Unleash is a 16 week online training & nutrition program and community

that shows you the step-by-step process to get fit and overcome emotional eating behaviors so you can
feel strong & toned, & finally live with food freedom! 





You have a customized training program every month to get you lean & toned physique with the exact fun and easy exercises that will get you in the best shape of your life

We build a perfectly crafted nutrition plan that will make you feel excited about food again while nourishing your body and letting go of the diet mentality. We also go through mentoring to overcome emotional eating behaviors



We focus on your emotional and mental strength in order to allow you to let go of the patterns that are keeping you stuck, while creating new habits that build self-love & sustainable habits


Reclaim your life by giving your body the time and space to heal and dramatically change your energy and vitality while feeling like there's nothing impossible